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The reasons for chemtrailing PostMon Dec 27, 2004 2:05 pm Reply with quote

Hi everyone. Firstly i'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Now onto my posting. The reasons for chemtrailing are many and varied. We have all heard the argument that they are to modify the weather and to adjust levels of sunlight absorption into the ground. Other people have said it is to do with protecting the upper atmosphere from UV Rays and Ozone depletion. The real reasons that NASA, the DIA, the DoD, the USAF, the NSA and the CIA won't ever, ever give you will be listed here. Within the chemtrails are known to be bioenzymal DNA Activants. These are biomolecular chemical compounds that react with specifically designated types of DNA. These chemtrails are genotype or racially targetable. Once within the atmosphere, and as they mix with the oxygen we all breath, they react in different ways within different people. When it rains these bioenzymal chemicals seep deep into the water table below ground. We wash with them, we eat food sprayed with them and we drink water containing them. These chemtrails are dermoabsorbent and build up within the human body, so the toxicity levels and this DNA poison literally saturates the human body. The chemtrails are designed to alter human DNA. No other life forms are affected by them. Now, i'll move onto the much more stranger reasons underneath for this Luciferian, genocidal chemtrailing. The chemtrails act as a catalyst to activate those humans with an RH Negative bloodtype. RH Negative means Rhesus Hominid Negative. The 13 Illuminati Families and the Committee of 300 are all referred to as Blue Bloods. This is because historically they had copper-based blood. They were ferroglobin types, we are iron-based or haemoglobin type humans. They are also all RH Negative in their bloodtypes. The Luciferian Illuminati Families want to massively reduce the global population down to only 500 million by 2020. At the current rate they will successfully achieve this without any hiccups. Those humans with RH Negative bloodtypes are deemed as a 'rogue threat' to the Illuminatis own 'Royal Blood' or 'Blue Blood'. So therefore they want to make sure all those with it are exposed and eliminated in the very near future. All DNA emits a Electromagetic Frequency, (EMF). They have the EMF Scalar Weaponry to easily detect this in all urban areas. It is known within scientific circles mainly people who are racially White Anglo Saxon or White Europeans have the RH Negative bloodtype. Those who are very pale skinned and have blonde hair and blue eyes are especially susceptible to RH- bloodtypes. The 13 Illuminati Families are all Aryans themselves, even those such as the Rothschild Illuminati, who are Ashkenazim Jews, in other words White Jews. You see, whether you want to believe this or not, i'm going to stick my neck out and say it. There are Satanic or Luciferian forces that secretly run this planet from the lower Fourth Density and upper Third Density, which are outside of our Visual Cortexes reception. They are a Reptilian race. They are transdimensional entities. They are called the Draconian Reptilians. Your amazing Native American Indian tribes, (the Red Race) have known about them for thousands of years, yet few ever listened to Medicine Men and Shaman talking about Pow Wow and the Skinwalkers, as they referred to them, which were openly spoken of for thousands of years. The Hopi, Zuni, Sioux, Comanche, Montauk and Mohicans knew all about this and some who are still alive still do! Those who are Aryan in origin have a genetic defect that is referred to as a Protein Base defect in their DNA. This allows for Draconian Reptilians to infiltrate their bodies, like a walk-in or demonic possession and to mutate their DNA for shapeshifting purposes. Hence the 13 Illuminati Families and Committee of 300 were born. The Draconian Reptilian Blue Bloods are 50% Human DNA and 50% Reptilian DNA and are toally RH Negative in their bloodtype. Now, onto the other main reason for the chemtrailing. I've said before that the chemtrails are genotype. They are deliberately going to kill over 140 million in America by 2016. All those deemed as 'useless eaters', 'benefit queens' and homeless people, tramps, the mentally ill and ethnic minorities such as the Brown Mexicans, Hispanics and Latinos, plus alot of Black Americans will be completely eliminated. No guns or knives are needed to kill anyone. This is why the Illuminati refer to chemtrailing as mosquito spraying. They hate all humans and only want to preserve the higher elements of the White or Aryan Race because of this Protein Base defect that allows them to easily control large populaces. Now chemtrailing is deemed to be something happening in English-speaking countries. This is correct, because in Britain you have the Anglo-Saxon Aryans, you have alot of Anglo-Saxon or German Americans and the same goes for Canada, Alaska, Australia, New Zealand and English-speaking areas in Europe, such as in Spain, Germany, France and the Netherlands. Through disease-laced vaccinations, immuninisations, innoculations and influenza injections, plus genetically modified foodstuffs and powerful chemical sterilants in water supplies and pharmaceuticals given to hundreds of millions of people in the Third World and in North America, it is clear to see how these Nazi Illuminati Bastards will achieve their Satanic goal. Remember to puke the next time you see the White Pufter Poodle Tony Blair talking about 'democracy in Iraq' on television. Well i've finished now. I hope this information leaves you with food-fo-thought. Remember this last statement. Genetically Modified, (GM) food is their to genetically modify you and the same goes for chemtrails. The question is, what are you going to do about it?

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    1. Spritz vinegar into the air and it denatures enzymes

  2. I really don't understand your post. If they wanted to kill everyone but leave 500 million, how will that goal work by killing the 144,000,000 or so rh negatives? First you say they want the minoritys dead, but what to target the rh negs instead.

  3. I'm a rh negative as are all my family and that sounds like a lot of shite! lol sorry:>) humans are stuffing up the planet, over fishing, over deforestation, too many chemicals, too greedy, too warlike, too racist.. you name it, don't just blame it on a select few, we are all to blame

  4. Good post. i think you are way ahead of the game for most.

  5. everything that was written perfectly fits with my research, the threat is very real, and I just do not know what to do, we need to come up with something and saying we , I am the talking about the whole planet

  6. this all resonates with me 108%. Thank you for this post, it connects all the dots my researches and personal experiences have led me to, and you are dead on my friend. Anyone who doesn't get this, you are not meant to at this time. You need to evolve a bit more, and allow your mind to think outside the box... embrace the spiritual aspect of life, recognize that we have 3 bodies to look out for, the mental, spiritual and the physical. Occupy your body and mind if you are a white person to prevent unwanted possession of your body by these invisible parasites. They are very real. I have been rendered homeless for not participating with my family's involvement with freemasonry... this is no lie. I've also been harassed for samples of my DNA and blood since I was 21, after 9/11 by RTI International, for the "add health survey". This shit is real. Buy gas masks and wear them on heavy spray days. Drink the purest of purest of water and start growing your own foods. We have the power within us to rise above all this which is to come, and some have already been working hard to disable the underground bases these elite 13 families plan to hide out in while people are dying topside. Prayers for a happy ending, and may the indigos continue to bring their messages to the masses.

  7. I hope you realize that anything ferrous is relating to Iron and not Copper.

  8. Yes this is war from Germany, japan, and Italy, rome

  9. Are all illuminatis bad? Or have a bad future?I am a Rh-negative and I always had a nightmare that our own race wants to kill this world.After reading this I am come more close to these illuminati.But why would they kill our own race