jueves, 1 de julio de 2010



K: Okay, because I was just wondering, did you have experiences in your childhood that might have prepared you for that moment, such that you might have accepted it a little quicker, a little easier? You were almost created to do a certain mission. So it was within your programming, to use that term very loosely, to be prepared for that notion. Did you have any conscious memories of your own ET experiences?

D: I only did that in retrospect later on as I thought about it. Of course, it didn't occur to me at that particular moment when he told me.

Just to clarify also, my mother got pregnant in a very normal way so that the creation itself was there normally, but it was one of the questions I had. “Am I human? Am I 100% human?”

And he said, “Yes, you're definitely 100% human. It's just that your genetic make-up was tweaked a little bit to allow for this heightened ability.”

K: And do you have a Celtic background, like many people of that nature or... you know what I'm saying?

D: You mean for my genealogy?

K: Yeah.

D: We're from Europe - northern Europe - England and France, and I have a little bit of Cherokee in me, too.

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